💔 Oh, Those Poor Hands! 👏🏽

What are the benefits of regular manicures? Other than the fact that it is deeply relaxing, it is also vital to maintaining healthy hands and nails. Your hands and fingernails are probably the most exposed part of your body as they are constantly getting sun, and are frequently exposed to chemicals like soap and cleaning supplies. Not to mention they are almost always on display.

If your hands are dry, your nails are brittle, thin and cracked, or you suffer from frequent hangnails which can be very painful and unsightly, consider adding a professional manicure to your monthly routine. Frequent manicures help maintain healthy hands, nails, and cuticles leaving your nails looking healthier, promoting growth and self-confidence.

At New Nails of New Albany, we offer three levels of manicures to meet your needs based on the time you have, the condition of your nails, and the type of polish, if any, that you desire. We also offer all natural polish solutions.

Manicure $15

Nail trim, shaping, buffing, cuticle grooming and conditioning with massage. Polish.

Spa Manicure $21

Manicure with an exfoliating sugar scrub, relaxing natural oil and lotion massage with hot towels. Polish.

Gel Polish Manicure $25-$30

A hybrid nail polish that doesn't chip and lasts up to two weeks. Gel polish provides a strong natural nail protection with a shiny finish and best of all, no drying time!

Stop in today or make an appointment to get your nails looking their best and keep them healthy.