Baby it's Cold Outside

The cold weather can be harsh on hands and nails. Constantly going between heated, climate controlled areas and the bitter cold outside, can take its toll on hands and nails so here are a few tips to keep them looking and feeling great.

1. Wear gloves or mittens to cover your hands in the cold.

2. Use moisturizer frequently, especially after washing your hands. Massage some directly into your nail beds to help hydrate dry brittle nails.

3. Don’t get dehydrated, keep you, and your nails hydrated with at least 8 glasses of water per day.

4. Try a paraffin treatment next time you get a manicure. Since it is a heat therapy, not only will it soften skin but it can help soothe muscles, tendons and ligaments in the hand.

Make a manicure part of your monthly routine. Not only will you be able to maintain clean and beautiful nails and keep pesky hang nails at bay, it will help you relax as well.

To thank our loyal customers New Albany New Nails is offering a free paraffin treatment with any Gel Manicure through December 31st. Just mention this post!